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What we are talking about

I think we all need to be cautious about getting over confident. A lot of people are congratulating me already. This is not done yet.

Lets talk about what is at stake though. The buzzwords I am hearing at city hall are "largest sports and entertainment complex in the united states" and "destination city"

I have not confirmed this but I am told that if these three stadiums were to be all built together within the Sodo district we would be the only city to have all of them, that close, walking district, in one neighborhood. We would also likely do this at the same time nightlife hours are extended to create a real and dramatic nightlife and entertainment culture in the city. Corporate recruiters are thrilled. They see the real value of having a city that would draw talent on a national level to an even greater degree than it does today. It would allow an experience where the top national talent that are not necessarily nature lovers could be drawn from cities like Chicago much more competitively.

If this happened, combined with Husky Stadium, UW Hoops, UW Football, the Sounders, etc. would we be transitioning from the darkest age of Seattle Sports to a golden age?