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No Jinxing the Kings

We aren't even going to mention it...lets see how things play out.

On the subject of John Torrance's arena proposal let me just say that I like John. He is a great guy with good vision and he has been at this tirelessly for years. That said he has no investor, no financing, and no land. This concept. This is my statement regarding his proposal.

The proposed development of Pier 46 is conceptual in nature. At this time it lacks the support of key government officials and a committed ownership group willing to bring the NBA or NHL to any arena that could be put there. Until these components are identified there is a real risk that it will distract officials from the more viable project proposed by Chris Hansen and supported by the County Executive and Mayor of Seattle.

At this time all of our energy and attention should be focused on the significantly more tangible opportunity currently being reviewed by city officials.