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I met with Chris Hansen

Just thought I would let everybody know that I got a half hour private meeting with Chris yesterday after having been in steady touch with his team for a long time.

Chris is a die hard fan. I did not ask him but I would not be surprised at all if he reads this blog. This whole thing is about bringing back the green and gold for him. We are going to be meeting with him pretty frequently from here on out and working on ways to get him more involved with the community. The fans are going to love him.

At this time we are working quite closely with Hansens group as well as the mayors office and the county executive. All have been exceptionally inclusive and provided good communication.

There should be a lot more to come on all this. It may not be as simple as we had hoped with Sacramento but guys are in it for the long play. I cannot stress enough how important it is that people have faith and stay engaged. I know it is hard after what we have all been through.