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I'm a Proud Associate Producer

I'm a Sonicsgate Groupie. Whenever there is a good opportunity I follow Jason Reid around like the rock star he is and try to mooch off his well deserved fame. The rest of the time I hold my distance and try to remain politically correct.!/Sonicsgate/status/191752196143054848/photo/1

I've argued with those guys over controversial content. I've told them they should knock off their trips to OKC Thunder games and every once in a while we have to sort out who has the lead in some specific area of this whole mess. Sometime I've been right and other times I've been wrong. Through it all they have developed into some of my best friends and most respected colleagues. At times when I have lacked the energy to continue the fight they have picked up the torch and carried it. Like me they have managed to establish themselves as a legitimate part of the high level discussion despite the fact that all the key players started out dismissive of their efforts.

For the past couple of years I have gone to pretty great lengths to keep my name officially off the Sonicsgate brand. I have really decided that I don't want to be part of things that look back critically on the individual participants. I place high value on having productive relationships with the league, starbucks and other entities and while I understand people feel they may be deserving of criticism I don't think that criticism gets us anywhere so I don't participate in it. I feel like keeping an appropriate distance has helped me to form the relationships that are carrying ArenaSolution right now.

Up until a couple of days ago I had declined to have my name formally listed anywhere on the picture. At the last minute I decided to accept a credit as an Associate Producer for the film.

No matter how I feel about political correctness I cannot get over the fact that I have tremendous respect for the makers of Sonicsgate. Their energy and their efforts have been inspirational and my decision was based upon the fact that I am very, very proud to be associated with them in any way.