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The mysterious ChrisH

So in the last thread it was pointed out that a guy named ChrisH used to post on this board quite regularly. I did a little research and this is what I found...

It's not him.

The e-mail does not match and unless Chris has an Asian pseudonym I don't think it is him.

So in absence of analyzing his posts let me just tell you guys my personal read on Chris who I am getting to know better as the time goes on.

For starters let me just say how happy I am to have a potential owner who listens a lot. He wants to know what we are doing, has reasonable input, and has a huge amount of appreciation and respect for the people who have held it down over the last several years. He says "thank you" a lot and that means something to me.

It is actually taking me some time to get used to the lack of gamesmanship. I don't have to proofread every e-mail, make overly formal requests, or worry about offending him with little stuff. I can just be straightforward and get a straightforward answer. Its totally confusing after years of dealing with all the other players here that all have games, agendas, and these huge desires for secrecy and misdirection. I can go to him and say "It would really mean a lot to ArenaSolution if you would provide a quote to distribute to our membership." and he will reply "Sure."

He is a total Seattle guy. He is into our music scene, into our culture, into our sports, all of it as much as he can be given his schedule. He eats at regular restaurants and is a good guy to have a drink with. He still has normal friends who have basic real jobs.

The other day he was telling me about his background, growing up in Rainier Valley, mom a social worker, just a normal guy. So I follow up and say "And now you get to be the owner of your favorite sports team." He cuts me off and say "No, that's not really it. Being the owner is going to be a job. It is something I am doing because nobody else stepped up and did it and because I think it needs to get done. I do get the privileged of being the guy who brought the franchise back to the city where it belongs and that is special for me because the city deserves this."

Cool guy. I hope that he gets the support he deserves.