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Seattle Times: Proposed Sodo arena project: proceed with caution

News Flash!
"The case has not yet been made for Seattle and King County to move ahead on a proposed basketball and hockey arena."
Proposed Sodo arena project: proceed with caution

Gosh, thanks for that in-depth analysis. So, uh, how about we have the King County Council and Seattle City Council ask questions, gather facts, and then form some opinions?
Can we have that happen before the brain trust at the the Seattle Times Editirial Board renders an opinion?

I know I'm asking a lot of a newspaper, to gather facts before analysis, but I'm going to insist that you give that a try.

Is this what passes for editorials from the "paper of record"?
Could you be more short-sighted on the 50th anneversary of the Space Needle?
Yes, please Seattle Times, think smaller. People might want to come to Seattle and spend money, that what the added traffic is doing, dumbass.