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Arena Panel Recommend Moving Forward, so, let's do that.

It's true, dispite the predictable response from some in the Stadium District that oppose an arena on property zoned for exactly this kind of thing, the city/county appointed Arena Panel has recommended that the city and county move forward.

I suggest we do, too.

Based on their review, the Panel believes that the proposal is favorable, has promise, and is generally consistent with the principles set forth by the Mayor and County Executive; however, there are many important issues to be worked through to ensure these principles are met and to address other issues of importance to the community. The proposal warrants the serious consideration of the City and County policy makers.
The Panel recommends that the City and County continue to work with Chris Hansen to further refine details for the potential public/private partnership, begin the processes that are required to address the multitude of issues at play with a project of this nature, and begin to engage with other community members to broaden the perspectives on the proposal and work through issues identified.

Panel Final Report is here.