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Big week for the Sacramento Kings, and Seattle begins its political path

Big week for the Sacramento Kings fans, and in a contrasting and unequal measure Sonics fans.

If the Kings agreement in Sacramento needs to be "put back on track" and the NBA Board of Governor's meeting is supposed to resolve the fractured situation in Sacramento then having a potential owner in Seattle doing things the right way can help bring clarity of purpose to the action of the people involved. Communicating with action your intent results in the confidence, or the lack there of, in others.

In both situations different people are expressing their concerns but for very different reasons. The concerns in Sacramento are a result of the team owner action. The concerns in Seattle are the results of actions of preceding team owners and owners of other sports franchises.
I would rather have a team than not.
I would rather have Chris Hansen taking the approach he has than the Maloofs, or the Mariners.

We can't have everything, not right now.

Among other things, the Maloofs are unwilling to pay $3.26 million in pre-arena development costs, saying major tenants never absorb such fees. They also have cited concerns about legislation designed to expedite the environmental process, never attempting to contact the author of the bill – Senate President Pro Tem Darrell Steinberg (D), a Sacramento native and one of the most powerful leaders in the state.

But here's the blow that has both baffled and infuriated Steinberg, Mayor Kevin Johnson, several City Council members and leaders of both political parties: team attorneys suddenly demanding access to documents and communications exchanged within the past year between Sacramento and NBA officials, including Commissioner David Stern.

In this city – in the capital of California – that's the political equivalent of extending the middle finger.

So I ask again. What are the Maloofs doing?

Ailene Voisin: What are the Maloofs up to on arena deal?

So here is the $3.26 million question: What are the Maloofs doing? Or better yet, what are they plotting?

This is a negotiation?

This mess?

What in contrast to the Sacramento situation will the NBA BOG see this week when they meet?
Different people communicating different intents and purposes through their actions.