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Big Business is here, will the fans follow?

I was thrilled yesterday to see the announcement of a major corporate support group for Chris Hansen. We now have small business, tourism, nightlife, and other interests heavily engaged with ArenaSolution. Big business has stepped up and made their support known.

Are the fans going to do the same? That remains to be seen.

I ask all of you to be VERY active in the next 3 weeks. Spread the word when positive articles are posted. Be vigilant about polls and take opportunities to provide feedback in public forums.

Please let people know that an e-mail to citycouncil AT will be forwarded to all nine city council members. We ask people (particularly seattle residents) to send a polite e-mail encouraging council to vote on this issue. Make sure that you state you would like them to hold this vote in the month of June.

We need numbers. All of you can help. Now is the time.