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History Of The World Part I: As Seen By The Seattle Times

Approx. 2500 BC: "Pharaoh Khufu To Build Pyramid; High Priest Demands Road Improvements To West Giza"

from 1492: "Columbus Report Proves Earth Round, But Critics Say It Is Flat, Insist On Public Vote"

from 25 BC: "Wealthy Thracian Wants To Build Coliseum in Roma; Trade Guilds Worry About Too Many Triremes"

April 15, 1912: " 'Unsinkable' Titanic Hits Iceberg; Should They Have Bicycled Instead?"

circa 300 BC: "Alexander The Great Conquers Persian Empire, Brings Peace To Mediterranean, But Lags Far Behind Demosthenes And Ptolemy In Charitable Giving"

April 1970: "Apollo 13 Disaster: Spacecraft Has Only Hours Of Oxygen Left; We Urge Caution, Deliberation"