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Port's random demand for arena: $180 million dollar bridge from city

The Port wants a bridge and thinks the city should figure out how to pay for it without the Port having to pay anything toward it.
C. R. Douglas of KCPQ-TV 13 interviewed Port Commissioner Bill Bryant.

“I would bet you if they built Lander when the City was supposed to have that we would be having a very different discussion today,” said Bryant.    “There would be much less transportation pressure on that district.”

Yes, the discussion would be different. The discussion would be about some other demand from the Port.

Let's be clear, the Port has yet to produce facts, just claims.

Here is an idea, how about we move ahead with the arena agreement and then check back with the Port to see if their level of interest in helping to pay to solve their claimed problem has changed.

In other Port news today:

Seattle Times: Another shipper moves Seattle container work to Tacoma

Shipping line Hamburg Süd said Wednesday it would shift its container operations from the Port of Seattle to the Port of Tacoma at the end of July.

How about that, no arena in the area and yet all of the Port's problems, real and mostly imagined, are already there. . . At the Port.

Maybe the Port could have Shipping line Hamburg Süd testify how they are going to propose a public/private self funding partnership with the city where they pay $100 million toward the $180 million dollar overpass that the city gets to keep.
Hold on, why should the city pay $180 million dollars for the benefit of a private business like Shipping line Hamburg Süd?

Putting these kinds of things in the same kind of box Chris Hansen is performing in shows just how far he is expected to go, and what a bunch of idiots the Port thinks you are.