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King County Arena panel of experts agree. . . with Chris Hansen

The experts will report to the county on Thursday their opinions of different aspects of the arena proposal.
The Seattle Times has a summary of some of the conclusions they have reached.

Here is part of their summary.

Public financing

The proposed public-private partnership is one of the most favorable to the public of any recent partnership. The public investment carries little or no risk to the county's financial well-being, its bond rating or its general fund. The ArenaCo business model is probably not sustainable without public investment.


Game-day traffic, similar to Mariners games, would add enough cars that the area would be as jammed from 6-7 p.m. as the normal 4-6 p.m. commute. Major improvements are needed to get pedestrians from train and bus stops to the arena. There should be more study about the Port of Seattle's future expansion plans, but for now there would seem to be little effect, as terminal gates close at 4:30 p.m.

Sodo land use

While not a single tipping point, the arena would continue a trend of a changing the Sodo neighborhood, adding retail, restaurants, offices and some residential. The change has been fairly modest and incremental. Additional residential development would speed up this change, but that seems unlikely on a grand scale, in part because of the inconvenience of living next to sports stadiums.

Port of Seattle

The port plans to expand operations in the next 25 years, but it's difficult to calculate how many jobs that would create, and that could be negligible. The Port also could have difficulty meeting its expansion goal because of competition and global issues unrelated to the proposed arena.
Arena plan: King County Council's expert panel weighs in

The meeting where this will be fully discussed is at 1:30, Thursday.

Larry Phillips' head will explode during the meeting.
PVR's head will implode, equalizing the air pressure in the room.

Be prepared for a lot of denial from the opposition.
Also, be prepared for the media to keep the conflict going, they haven't had as many clicks and comments on a story since the Deep Bore Tunnel debate last year.

Keep on, keepin on.

My advice:
Eat some ice cream.