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Xteve is right on many points about Publicola.

Xteve is right on many points about Publicola. It is pretty poor reporting, surface treatment is give to subject they sometimes should just not bother to talk about.
Unfortunately for anybody that cares about anything, Publicola has some regular readers that work for newspapers, or local politicians, so their errors (intentional or not) provide misinformation, potentially hurting one's cause.
And that's why I regret to inform xteve:

Hold the date: PubliCola is hosting a forum on the arena proposal—July 30 in Capitol Hill.

Caffeinated News & Gossip. Your daily Morning Fizz, 7/13/2012

The outcome may be known before they have their event, rendering their event late and pointless, only serving to insert Publicola into a popular story. Maybe the Seattle Times could have a web based poll on that?