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Back to the Port's.unforced error: 2 things, don't rush them, don't bully them. Pretty simple stuff.

The Port picked one, and it doesn't matter which one you pick, either way it is a mistake.
2 things, don't rush the councils, don't bully them. Pretty simple stuff.

Gossett added that the stance on the rail line could “backfire on the Port, and members get upset, and get more committed to get this (arena) deal.”

Gossett and Lambert both said Creighton’s complaint will not cause them to change their vote, or alter a timeline for a decision.  Gossett says he expects the County Council to vote only after Seattle’s City Council makes a decision on the Arena proposal.
Is the Port holding Rails to Trails hostage in Seattle arena fight?

Meanwhile, Tuesday, King County Budget and Fiscal Management Committee meets at 1:30pm
Agenda is posted here (1 item, the arena).