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Bob Ferguson issues statement

Councilmember Bob Ferguson issued the following statement regarding his competitor for the state attorney general position. We encourage our political leadership to be visible in their advocacy of the issue and welcome any comment that takes ownership of the issue. Thanks for your leadership Bob!

Dunn Runs From Arena Hearing

Hundreds packed important joint hearing, waiting hours to share support or concerns—Dunn stayed less than half an hour and left without explanation

SEATTLE— King County Council member and Republican Attorney General candidate Reagan Dunn, whom the Seattle Times confirmed missed more Council votes than any member of the County Council, is adding critical public hearings to his expanding list of missed official activities.

Last night, with hundreds of supporters and opponents packing Seattle City Hall for a rare and important joint hearing on the proposed NBA/ NHL arena, Dunn stayed less than a half hour of the three hour marathon event—a critical component of public input before the County and City Councils consider the proposal later this summer.

Media reports noted Dunn departed out of a side door, without stating the reason for his exit or apologizing to the crowd for leaving within minutes after the hearing began.

“Once again, Reagan Dunn shows little interest in doing the job taxpayers hired him to perform,” said Council member Bob Ferguson, his Democratic opponent who, like most of his colleagues, stayed for the entire hearing. “It’s not just an important part of the deliberation process, it is disrespectful to both supporters and opponents, many of whom waited for hours to address the Councils, for Dunn to slip out only minutes into the hearing.”

Ferguson, who co-hosted a packed town meeting on the arena proposal last week with city council member Mike O’Brien, views the issue as the kind of complex, multi-jurisdictional civil matter that frequently comes before the Office of Attorney General.

“This proposal requires cooperation and legal compliance between city, county, and state governments, with involvement from the port, private citizens and businesses,” said Ferguson. “It is exactly the kind of complex issue that an Attorney General needs to address with thoughtfulness and attention to detail. If Reagan Dunn cannot stick around for a public hearing on this one issue, what does that say about his capacity to be an effective Attorney General?”

Ferguson will spend the next several weeks leading up to likely County Council action considering transportation, environmental, financial and economic impacts of the arena—and urges the public to continue weighing in with his office and others.

“This is an important issue that deserves the full attention of our elected officials,” said Ferguson. “We need to hear from people throughout King County to make the most informed and thoughtful long decisions. I appreciate all the time and commitment of people who have attended hearings, town hall meetings, and sent letters and emails.”