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Bellevue, "anytime" is not on a calendar

I've been hearing about Bellevue being close to, pretty soon, just a couple details away, from building an arena for a few years. Nothing has stopped Bellevue from building an arena other than not having a viable plan (details, money for infrastructure, minor details, money for required parking in a place that prides itself on shunning mass transit, details).

The entertaining part about the current churn of rumors, Chris Hansen is not even mentioned. The idea that the NBA could be involved is also absent.
So, putting the NBA and NHL in the same building makes some sense.
Putting the NBA in an arena on its own, yes..
NHL in a building on its own, ok.
But the NHL on the east side going head to head with NBA in Seattle, that's a tough sell in Bellevue.
So, what is left is somebody other than Hansen attempting to get an arena for the NHL in Bellevue if Seattle city council votes no on Hansen's proposal. If it ever got built then they could go after the NBA, like the Honda Center in Aneheim.
All they need is a viable plan.

It's not impossible, just hasn't actually happened for 6 years.

But no proposals have been turned in, the source said. Were an arena plan to materialize, no Bellevue dollars, not even in the form of bond financing, would be included, the source added. Anything else is a non starter. This position has been echoed in the past by Bellevue officials.

Bellevue has been active in arena discussions with a variety of potential owners in recent years. Rumors swirled last summer when Don Levin, an owner of a minor league hockey team in Chicago, was linked to talks with Bellevue officials to build a potential arena. The city made a public admission earlier this year that it is still active in talking to potential owners.

Report: Wayne Gretzky meeting with Bellevue officials about NHL arena