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Wow, the roller coaster never ends around here!

First there was this Levin thing on the radio today. Now we hear about the Storm being blockers .... something about their kickback from the city for exclusive naming rights? Sorry I did not understand WTF they were talking about. But Baker says it's $300K per year in new money that would be coming from Hansen and going to the Storm. Is that right? Rather, I mean, am I getting that right? I don't really think it's "right" for the record. It seems pretty unfair, especially after all Hansen has offered already without even being asked. Talk about what seems very much like certain local interests have, once again, put us Sonics fans under the bus. Hey people, we aren't evil! We just want a team back. We supported the Storm back in the day and, well, there is really no reason you shouldn't help us now too. Tell your ownership group that.

Then we have this whole deal with PVR probably being behind the Levin thing. The "plan" in Bellevue is really not a plan yet. So why come out with it now? Just smells fishy as all hell. Is this really just old money/power in Seattle (or Chicago, now?) versus new? Or what on god's earth is PVR's problem? Does he hate us Sonics fans that much? And what do Levin and Hansen have between them that can't make them work together on this? The questions never cease.

Those of you who are arguing that this helps our case in Seattle City Council are probably just gambling. I don't buy it. If they can find an easy way out of this political issue, they will. Not that we will allow it to be easy; down the road there will be major political consequences for them doing that. Count on it.