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What is fair, I think we know.

The Seattle City Council is inventing a new definition of fairness, one not found in the city's lease with the Seattle Storm.

The Storm lease was a break-even deal that was described in 2009 as "fair". The Storm lost revenue for Key Arena last year, a little bit on every game. Back then the "benefit" the Storm provided was traffic to Seattle Center, and to Key Arena in the off-season when most people want to be outside. Traffic was a benefit to the city.

In the Sonics lease, in the negotiations with Chris Hansen's SoDo arena proposal traffic is a problem to be mitigated, including the traffic that already exists, beyond the arena that has yet to be built.

What is fair, what is the new fair?
How is that double standard working out for you, city council?
Will you be able to shift the burden of the Storm's fair deal onto the new fair deal for Chris Hansen?
Is that fair?

I'm going to say something that is going to make some people unhappy, but it is the truth.
There are three parties in these negotiations, and it's not who you think it is.
You think it is the King County Council, the Seattle City Council, and Chris Hansen.
You are flat freakin' wrong.

The three parties always are, in a public/private partnership:
The government (KCC and SCC share this), the franchise owner (love him or hate him, this one is Chris Hansen), and YOU.
One way or another the government and the franchise owner will come to an agreement on how they will get YOU to pay for all of this.

Chris Hansen has a number he has to hit to operate at a profit. That's "fair" to him.
The government (the city, here) has a number that will solve their problems (transportation and political) in the neighborhood. That's "fair" to them.
However they find a way to maintain the owners fair number, and the government's fair number will absolutely come out of YOUR pocket as a Sonics fan.
Should the Sonics fans pay to solve the problems that are the partial responsibility of Safeco Field, Century Link Field, the Port, general road construction?
No, not "fair" to YOU.

Tell the city council that Sonics fans should not have to carry the unequal burden of the Storm, Seahawks, Mariners, and especially the Port.
Seattle City Council group message email address:

Stand up for YOU!