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This is it Sonics fans: time to mobilize.

We are going to do a massive twitter war on Monday calling out all the facts on the Port of Seattle. We need to compile as many facts as we can on the Port of Seattle, their CEO Tay Yoshitani, their commissioners, their public subsidies, their unethical behavior, the whole nine yards.

We are not tweeting today or tomorrow... we start the #twitterwar on Monday. You'll be notified... stay tuned here for now (and of course on twitter on Monday).

We have plenty of facts at our disposal.

The 2009 Muni League report.
The recent Seattle Times article
Compare POS to Port of Tacoma:
public subsidy comparison
CEO salary comparison
Gross TEU comparisons
etc etc...

I will update this thread when I have more links to research; sorry I don't have them off the top. Please do the same.

We need to compile this information TODAY. Use this thread to post stuff you find. We need this to stay factual... do not jump to conclusions, just stick to pure facts that we can back up with links. Each twitter post will have at least one link to back up what is being said.

Remember, this is for Twitter. We have 140 characters per message. Today we need to craft actual messages that can be cut & pasted into Twitter.

We need to include the hashtag #portofseattlefacts in each message.

And we need to address the tweets to key folks in the media and government. @seattlecouncil should be reserved for only the most juicy tweets that they absolutely need to hear about. We have developed a few of those already.

Keep messages short, but sweet.

We should have no problem finding a bunch of zingers for Twitter. This will be fun!

We need your help today. I know you guys are great researchers. Let's devote time today to get this done!