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Great job assembling links and twitter posts. KEEP IT UP!

We need to have tomorrow be a defined time when people know to take the extra time to retweet and share on facebook. We want to generate a regional dialogue about the Port of Seattle business practices and whether they are the people our region wants guiding public policy. Make no mistake about it, if they win this battle it will be a major victory and they will cash in on that victory, making sure to get substantial concessions before they allow subsequent projects.

So start letting people know now. They need to be ready to participate in the #twitterwar. If they normally read or retweet once in a while we want them doing it for every single one on Monday and Tuesday. Those are the critical days. We want people to send these messages to celebrities and media. We want people calling radio stations and asking about the questions raised. E-mail the Seattle Times and ask them if they are going to investigate it.

Tay Yoshitani taking this $230,000 side gig right now shows just how out of touch this dude is with our city. What an ass. He earned his favors with ILWU by standing up on the arena and then sold those favors for $230,000. Seriously how can a government funded entity get $70-90M in tax money a year, have no oversight, and the guys who collect and distribute it are all so blatantly bought and paid for by the union and companies that direct from that money. Its a terrible story and we need to put it out there.