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Bring it...I'm ready

Starting a new thread.

Keep in mind today's effectiveness is going to be dictated by how creative people are in actually getting these tweets out to other people. You can make a huge difference by rebroadcasting tweets directly to new agencies. Copy and paste the link to send it eg

@SeattleTimes How can Yoshitani to expediters not be conflict of interest? link to seattletimes article
@BillWixieQ13 Who overseas port use of $73M public tax subsidy? link to that tweet
@DoriMonsonShow Why does Port Chief make 2x Gov. Gregoire Salary? Poor use of subsidy link to that tweet

Those are the ones that I would also try to send to @SeattleCouncil as well. When you tweet directly to them they are much more likely to choose to retweet them.

What you guys do with these tweets is going to be critically important. You can actually follow up with the news ones and say "have you been getting these tweets, would you retweet them?" or you can get multiple people together all going to broadcast them to the same places to get attention.