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I think today would be a great day to send questions to media members and also to highlight some of the positives. Go back through articles like the Op Ed by Chris Hansen and pull the quotes and the memories that make it important. Lets tweet those around today.

Professional sports touch the soul and bind communities in unique and powerful ways. They make us hug strangers, cheer in unison, and high-five fellow fans. They provide parents an opportunity to bond with their children, friends an excuse to get together for a beer and the common ground for people decades apart in age to strike up a conversation that may otherwise never occur.

Professional sports also cut across economic and social divides in an unmatched fashion. The thrill of victory is not distributed by economic status, and the despair of defeat falls as hard on a lawyer as it does on a janitor.
For the big game, the community stands together — rich and poor, old and young, people of all faith and color. For those precious few hours we are just fans, bonded together by a single common interest that temporarily overshadows everything else.

This is my motivation.

It's our view of the world against there.