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KING5: So is a $500,000 contribution from Hansen's group the starting point for discussions?

More information will lead us to understand what "fair" really is.

Chris Daniels, KING5 News:

That intersection is the start of State Route 519 -- the short stretch of highway that connects the two interstates to the stadium district.

And how the SR 519 project was paid for could guide the conversation about a future SODO sports arena.

“It really had to do with supporting the truck traffic here on the street,” said Dave Gering, executive director of the Manufacturing Industrial Council.

Gering supported the construction of the SR 519 on and off ramp to help maritime and port mobility. “It is always an issue.”

SR 519 was finished in 2010 after years of discussion. State and federal funds covered $78.35 million of the construction cost. The Port of Seattle contributed $5.5 million, and the Seattle Mariners put up $500,000.

Chris Daniels, KING5 News, Paying for transportation improvements key to Seattle arena debate

It doesn't look like the Mariners paid for a ramp for the Port and the Industrial District all on their own.