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Demand accountability and transparency from our Port commissioners

Last Friday, 13 Washington State legislators from King County raised a red flag about the Port of Seattle’s CEO Tay Yoshitani. He recently accepted a lucrative appointment to the Board of Expeditors International - a $6 billion a year company with extensive business ties to the Port of Seattle. What’s the price for this insider access to port leadership? A cool $250,000 a year in salary and stock options for Yoshitani.

Yoshitani isn’t elected, but the Port Commissioners are, and they were asleep at the wheel. According to more than a dozen legislators, our Port Commissioners ignored their responsibilities to the public and never reviewed or approved this backroom deal.

We expect transparency and accountability from our elected officials, including our Port Commissioners. Tell Port Commission President Gael Tarleton and Commissioners Creighton, Albro, Holland, and Bryant to end the crony capitalism and clean up our port!

Click here to send an email to Port Commissioners now!

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