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Thanks to the ArenaSolution advisory members who joined us on Thursday. It was amazing to have Dow Constantine, Bruce Harrell, Bob Ferguson, Chris Hansen, and many others in the room with fans and people who are willing to make a difference. It is awesome to have put my friends from Starbucks Coffee in the room with so many Sonics fans and let them have some time to talk about how we can come together as a city.

Our meeting last week was intended to be an opportunity to beat the war drums and talk seriously about how we could fight back against the politicians who are standing in our way. Based on every report from all angles that beecame unnecessary. instead it was a great opportunity to talk about the brotherhood that exists between Sonics fans. We got to highlight that there was not a single person in the room who is a full time basketball person. Big Lo and Kris Brannon do what they do by just showing up and being visible. Sonicsgate makes movies, Duff McKagan uses his seafair crown and celebrity to be our ally, the business guys write business letters. We all do what we can do.

Chris Hansen is also just a fan. He's a guy who does more because he has the ability to do more but at the end of the day he is just like us. He is doing whatever he can to make a difference.

This week is all about doing whatever you can do. It is the final week. Lets continue to write the letters but also take a moment to think about what else you can do. If you own a business take the time to write your letter out on company letterhead. Instead of writing another e-mail to council actually pick up the phone and call five people and make sure they have. If you have a business with signage capabilities try to put a Sonics message up on your sign.

This is our moment. The 13th should be a very historic night. Stay on the mission.