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A new phase

So mentally I always like to keep track of significant transition points. What works well at one time may not always work well at another. When the team left suddenly the concept of Save Our Sonics lacked any real relevance. Jason Reid stepped up out of nowhere with his vision for Sonicsgate which is and was a complete game-changer. Bringing the passion and unity people felt to the surface and radically changing the environment and equation for any potential team owner.

The SonicsArena and ArenaSolution phase was really only possible because of the public rallying cry established by Sonicsgate. The fans brought so much to the table. They made it very clear that if people like Chris would invest the time and money to start this hard process that the people of the city would be there to have their back. It answered the question about whether our passion remained even after the team had left. Fans, advocates, politicians, and of course Chris displayed a remarkable amount of faith and trust in each other and EVERYBODY delivered.

I have not really been able to turn my attention towards figuring out what the next phase will look like but I do know that it is coming. With the political hurdles out of the way it is important that Chris start to build positive momentum behind the team that is deeply rooted in legitimate enthusiasm for the new franchise, no longer motivated by the sense of loss or anger at the teams departure. It needs to be really positive, fresh, and new.

Chris is going to give us everything we could ever ask for as fans. The best way we can help him back is to really embrace this new vision and not bog it down with all the baggage from the past. That burden just makes a hard thing harder for him and the new franchise.

It is time to let go of Howard, Clay, Nickels, Stern and everybody else we want to blame or complain about. Move forward. The future is too bright. I strongly encourage everybody to just stop rehashing the negatives of the past. When people bring it up just do not reply. Instead focus on the great opportunity and good times that are ahead of us. It will be more fun and vastly more productive for our SuperSonics.

This new phase is going to involve a lot of rumors and gossip about franchise acquisition. That discussion is the natural next step for fans.

People are going to get enthusiastic about bringing a team here. They will get excited with every rumor and they will say things that may seem fun or witty but are in fact hurtful to the fans of other markets. Every minute of this process we must remember what it feels like. We must stay classy and respectful. Remember that convincing them we are right or debating the merits of city vs city does not have any productive value. In most cases there will be little we can say and we should respectfully leave other cities alone.

I think the ongoing debates in the Seattle Times forum serve no practical purpose. Going back and forth with them gives recognition to 3 guys who have nothing to do but repeat their rhetoric in a way that makes their opposition seem bigger than it really is.

We can define this new phase early and be consistent from day one. Make a conscious decision to be a positive part of this next step. Commit yourself to it.

Stay Classy.
Respect the new franchise's need for a fresh start.
Never forget that all sports fans are in this together