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One last punch in the face for the Mariners

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The usual suspects sent a letter to the Seattle City Council complaining that the MOU mentions the SoDo site so therefore the EIS that would consider alternate sites is tainted.
One of those complainers was a representitive from the Mariners, somebody who appears to not know the organization he works for.

Bart Waldman, the Mariners’ vice-president of legal and governmental affairs, might want to look in the mirror.

Lets take a short trip down memory lane, courtesy of the Public Facilities District's own website.

May 7, 1996
Site C, south of Royal Brougham Way, is identified by PFD board as preferred site.

May 29, 1996
Draft Environmental Impact Statement is issued which addresses three potential sites near the Kingdome.

August 30, 1996
Final Environmental Impact Statement is issued.

September 9, 1996
Board makes final site selection.

December 23, 1996
PFD approves 20-year lease with Seattle Mariners.

January 6, 1997
King County Council votes to authorize sale of ballpark bonds.

February 1997
Final model and design are complete.

March 8, 1997
Groundbreaking Ceremony.

. . .

There ya go, Einstein. The Mariner preselected a preferred site, had the sites narrowed down to 3 in the draft EIS that were all around the King Dome, and picked their publicly funded site selection in SoDo.