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Seattle Times invited you to redesign Seattle Center. . . Back in 2008

Lets have a 4 year old conversation again, shall we?

In 2008, the Seattle City Council released a new, revised and dead, Seattle Center Master Plan (big file here).
It was a kaladascope of compromises digested by the Seattle process, and delivered without a funding source for the half billion dollar plan.

So, by the time I got to the cost breakdown on page 71, and see the $95.3 million dollars for the "Key Arena Zone", I have to laugh.
Where the heck were they going to get $95.3 million dollars in cash to put into a building without a major anchor tenant to generate enough revenue to justify that kind of investment?

The run up to the master plan the Seattle Times ran a piece inviting the citizenry to participate in imagining a different future for Seattle Center, including KeyArena.

Many folks complaining today, including the Seattle Times, were gleefully imagineering a completely different Seattle Center.
They gleefully invited readers to submit plans back then, but now, now imagining change is a horrific thought.
Redesigning Seattle Center: Now it's your turn

I really hate the Seattle Times.