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2012/2013 NBA Season

Consider me stoked.

The way I look at it the best thing I can do to help Chris Hansen and bring back the Sonics right now is to focus on being a fan and re-building my bridge with the NBA. They said all along that they wanted to be here and all I can tell you is that they have totally delivered on that promise. If you still care enough to come to this site then this is the season to stop complaining about the past and instead build enthusiasm and enjoy the great NBA talent that is coming back to our city in the near future.

These are the things I will be watching:

Ray Allen in Miami - I love Ray. If he hadn't been traded he was on our side. Totally hard worker and classy professional. It makes me want to see the Heat win again.

Joe Johnson in Brooklyn - The lovefest in Brooklyn is going to be incredible (where is our outrage for longtime Jersey fans?). Johnson has always been an incredible player but he's never really gotten the publicity. I'm extremely curious to see how he does with a great PG and that much franchise enthusiasm.

The Lakers - Hands down the most entertaining roster I have ever seen. Part of me will root for them to win but a deeper part of my soul will always want the LakeShow to lose.

Sacramento Kings- What can I say. I'm human. I'll be respectful to Kings fans but also keeping one eye on rookie Thomas Robinson and also my dude Aaron Brooks who I really hope has special turnaround.

The Bulls/Derrick Rose saga - I spent 6 weeks overseas last year and Derrick Rose is hands down the most marketed player in the world. They've gone a long way to building his brand. It will be interesting to watch the individual, team and the league evaluate and adjust his role going forward. Crossing fingers that he regains everything he had before.

I could go on and on. GOOD TIMES AHEAD!