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The Schedule

Seems like a decent time for a new thread.

As was mentioned in the previous thread the upcoming budget session is the largest driving factor in the schedule going forward. They do not want to have this on their plate at the same time they are wrestling with a very difficult budget. They need to process it, make a decision and move on.

I have tried to be respectful but have to tell them that from my perspective if they approve something then they clear it off their table. If it is voted down the substantial follow up conversation is unlikely to hold off until they finish the year's budget. They will have angry people at their doorstep.

It is an appropriate time for the city goverment to stop spending time on the arena issue. Over the last 6 years it has been proven conclusively that enough people care to ensure that the issue will not go away. It is going to occupy our governments attention until the problem is resolved. This is the best deal they are going to get. Vote it through, move on, and turn that attention to our schools and justice system.

Our lurkers are getting more frantic cutting and pasting commentary from this site around the internet. I don't appreciate them referencing me and my family with such overt real hostility. Resist getting baited into commentary that is unproductive with them. We have a strong platform, facts on our side, and no need to get personal or snotty. We are talking to a broader audience don't have to prove anything to those couple of guys on the internet. They aren't open to changing their position.

Keep it classy Seattle. We're closing in on it.