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Seahawks Game Day Thread

Let's do as Brian asks and step off the roller coaster ride for a bit and enjoy the Seahawks.  We can get lost in Seahawkmania for a few hours tomorrow, put on the blue and neon green, drink a little beer at 10AM (it's okay, no one will judge you) and scream at the TV until you lose your voice.

Random Negative Fact:
Russell Wilson has never won a football game in the state of Georgia.

Counter to Negative Fact:
Russell Wilson hadn't won a game in the state of Maryland until last Sunday.

X-Factor on Defense: Bruce Irvin
I wasn't a fan of the Seahawks taking him at 15.  Right now he's a situational player and only really effective on passing downs.  He missed 43 tackles this year and eight of his sixteen (10 solo, 6 assists) tackles this year were sacks.  Sacks are what he was drafted to do, but we needed to see improvement in other phases of his game and we didn't get the.  In fact his tackles and sacks regressed as the season went along.  Seven of his eight sacks came on an outside rush, one was from the inside.

His main issue in the run game is he pushes too far up the field, too fast.  He does not help contain the running back. In fact he creates a bigger hole or cutback lane for the running back. When opposing teams ran at Irvin this year, Seattle gave up 7.2 YPC.

Not good.

Irvin is slated to take a majority of the snaps at one of the DE spots.  Hopefully Gus Bradley has upped his football IQ this past week.

X-Factor on Offense: Golden Tate
Atlanta cornerbacks love to jump routes and are extremely susceptible to the double move.  Golden Tate is going to have run extremely crisp routes and make sure he gets separation from Robinson or Samuel.  He could have a big day as Atlanta's safeties are terrible in help defense.

Match-up to Watch:  Brandon Browner vs. Julio Jones
Will Richard Sherman expected to get more snaps against Roddy White, Brandon Browner is going to have to shutdown Atlanta's big play receiver in Julio Jones.  If Browner struggles like he did last week that is going to force Earl Thomas and Kam Chancellor to shade to Jones, play off the line of scrimmage and that is going to mean a few things.

1. Linebackers are going to be responsible for Tony Gonzales all day with no safety help.
2. More open running lanes for Turner and Rodgers.
3. A lot more direct single coverage on Roddy White.

Random, Baseless Prediction:
Marshawn Lynch has two runs of 50 yards or more and finishes with close to 200 yards rushing.

Seahawks win this going way, 37-13.  Atlanta doesn't score a touchdown until fourth quarter garbage time.