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Is the Potential sale of the Sacramento Kings a roller coaster, or a train?

Brian Robinson is right in saying that we should not ride the potential Kings sale roller coaster. It has ups, downs, and end where is began. You have gone nowhere and possibly thrown up along the way.

So, how will we know if that roller coaster is actually a train leaving Sacramento for a possible trip to Seattle?

Roller coaster or train, which is it?

At this point, it's still a roller coaster, and will continue to be one until an actual offer is official. Granted, the specificity of the rumors, and the declarative nature of those writing them, is increasing with each passing day. Still, even the latest from Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo Sports declares:

The NBA held a conference call with members of the league's relocation committee to outline deal points on the proposed sale of majority ownership of the Sacramento Kings to a Seattle-based ownership group, league sources told Yahoo! Sports.
The call detailed what NBA officials described as "a non-binding set of deal points" on a $525 million sale of majority ownership to the Chris Hansen-Steve Ballmer group, sources said.

NBA relocation committee call reveals 'deal points' of Kings' proposed sale to Seattle group - Yahoo! Sports

Impressive set of "non-binding points set of deal points" you have there Chris and Steve. Has there been a more encouraging and non-committal combination of words related to a basketball franchise that could, maybe, potentially, relocate to Seattle?
That's a no, and if things don't work out then the drop on the roller coaster will be sudden and severe, sending some folks screaming like little girls (including my little girl who keeps asking, which is our team, the answer is: none of them yet).

The fact of the matter is that we don't have a team, not yet. It's a roller coaster until Chris Hansen engineers an actual deal.
Get Chris Hansen a striped hat, bib overalls, and call him Brakeman Bill all we want, but it's a roller coaster ride until he actually says different, that the engine leaving the station isn't thrown off its track, sending it looping back to where it started.

This is what I do know for a fact, there will be a team in Seattle, maybe next season, maybe in three years, but there will. Even the Sacramento fans that are sure the Kings are staying put know that a team will be in Seattle (just not their team, but we'll see).

I just need a few more facts to know which team, and when, that's all, and then I'm on that train.