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Basketball fans: It's not a woman, it's a boat, your neighbor's boat

It's not a woman, it's a boat, your neighbor's boat, you get to go fishing with him on a regular basis. He can't afford the boat anymore, and he's going to move.
Some of the other neighbors might be interested in buying it, maybe. The other neighbors are not sure if they can afford moorage.

There is a guy from another town standing in the driveway, reaching for his wallet and showing lots of cash, wow, lots.

If only the marina was more reasonable, and if only the home owner's association would allow him to park a boat in the neighborhood. The president of the home owner's association loves boats and fishing but he might not have the votes at the home owner's association meeting to change the situation, but he is willing to try. But, the other neighbors know that stopping the sale by changing where the boat is stored will cost them all money in curb appeal when they want to sell their homes.

I'm told that the happiest two days in a boat owner's life is when they buy their boat, and when they sell their boat.
The boat is for sale, get out your wallets, or if you can't afford to own the boat yourself then hope your new neighbor that moves in can.

Sports fans, you are just hoping.

I have a problem literally objectifying women, but not boats, and my "boat for sale" analogy is far more accurate than "divorce".

Boats, roller coasters, trains, what's next, gondolas?