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This will be real news

Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson will announce his lineup of investors next week.

Finding out who is really willing to step up and put their name behind this is relevant. It may not be enough to break up any deal that could be in place but it will certainly be a difference maker when it comes to the strength of the Sacramento campaign.

I knew about the Ballmer/Griffen/Sinigal/Stanton ownership group in principle for a while and in detail about 5 weeks before it was announced. I remember clearly exactly where I was when I got the call that they were going public(walking my dog down to the beach on a beautiful day in North Beach for those who care). I think that the way they unveiled that group was very telling and ultimately they were willing to write the check but not make the time/effort commitment to what was sure to be a very hard process with limited chances for success. In Sac I will look for the strength of names and depth of pocketbooks. I will also look for how strongly they commit and whether their statements are closer to "I would consider any opportunity to be a part of community efforts to retain the Kings." or "I'm ready to fight, go to war and pay whatever the cost to get this done." Somewhere in between is most likely.