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Weekend Primer: NCAAB, NBA and Division Championships

Its looking to be a cloudy and cold weekend on your side of the mountains. Over here in Wenatchee just subtract 20 degrees from your high and low and would experience we we've had for the few weeks.

Also as a group I think we should actually pay attention to a few games right about now that are not potentially related to the Kings as we go through this wonderful long weekend. Plus there is a slate of games that makes you want to starting partying at 9am! Okay, I'll be up partying at 9AM. I LOVE MY TERPS!!!!

And you guys also need to start focusing on our potential/maybe/who knows when draft this/next/2015 June.


Maryland @ North Carolina (-6) : 9AM PST on ESPN
Maryland is by far the best defensive team in the entire country. The block shots, force steals, make you take shots that you thought would be cool in freshman PE. The defensive hustle is there night in and night out... but as coach Mark Turgeon has said it, "We really suck on offense." Actual quote from a head coach to his team after they just luckily beat NCST, 51-50 on Wednesday night. Watch for Alex Len from Maryland. Has the talent to be the #1 overall pick in this years draft. Just not sure if he's there mentally yet. Despite that he'll go top five for sure.

#17 Missouri @ #10 Florida : 11AM PST on ESPN - Following UMD and UNC
I haven't had a chance to watch either teams a whole lot in this early season. This honestly has the makings of a Florida blowout. Yes, the teams are evenly matched and with Kentucky on the horizon for Florida, I think gators put down the Tigers.

***NOTE*** Brian's boy, Ben McLemore and his #4 Kansas Jayhawks are playing Texas in Austin at this time too, on CBS.

#21 Oregon @ #24 UCLA : 1PM PST on CBS
When did these two teams become good again? I seriously need to know. I know UCLA paid Shabazz Muhammad and a few other guys to get the nations #1 recruiting class. But like Coach Cal is finding out, can't always win with Freshman. Just ask Tyreke Evans, Derrick Rose, John Wall and DeMarcus Cousins.

Well... At least there is some PAC12 games on in the afternoon.

#6 Syracuse @ #1 Louisville : 1PM PST on ESPN
Could potentially be a great game and we'll get to see one of the best pure passing point guards in all of the Big East in Michael Carter-Williams. He doesn't have the flash or leadership mentality yet, but he is silky smooth. Then for Louisville, got the hometown kid, Peyton Siva doing it big on yet another big stage. Both teams are 16-1 and despite what Dan Dierdorf says, this game cannot end in a tie.

#11 Ohio State @ #18 Michigan State : 3PM PST on ESPN
GO OHIO STATE!!!! It's been almost three years and I'm still not over the Korie Lucious shot.

#8 Gonzaga @ #13 Butler : 6PM PST on ESPN
Mark Few probably has his best Bulldog squad ever right now. While Brad Stevens might also have his best team right now since he's been at Butler. Both teams should make it to the Sweet 16 at least and I have a strong feeling this one is going to be decided by 5 points or less. The losing team will have multiple shots on goal to try to get the win, but will just fall short.

If you have NBA League Pass here some of the games you shouldn't miss.

Sacramento @ Charlotte -- could be the worst game ever, but it's not bad to scout just in case.

Memphis @ Chicago -- This should be a throw back to the late 80s/early 90s style of physical play. Probably going to sneak this one into the rotation.

Milwaukee @ Portland -- Milwaukee is coming off a game where for the first time since 1987 they beat the Phoenix Suns in the desert. Damn near 30 years. Lillard and Jennings is going to be a fun battle to watch.


Oklahoma City @ Denver -- Might be the only NBA game worth watching on Sunday. Monday is going to be the day where the real action is. Besides you have....

San Francisco 49ers (-4.5) @ Atlanta Falcons in the NFC Championship: 11am PST on FOX
We don't know if Crabtree is going to be playing in this game and he's a big weapon. San Fran has a line that's going to push the older Falcons line around a bit. The Falcons Oline is going to be really sad that Bruce Irvin isn't on the field this week and instead real football players are there that can actually do something in the run. I still think the 49ers cruise right through this one.

Baltimore Ravens @ New England Patriots (-8) in the AFC Championship: 3PM PST on CBS
I'm just excited for this one. Taking the points on the Ravens, but the Pats to win.

What's your guys thoughts? Open thread time!