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Kings Fan Thread

We do not want to intrude on Sacramento fans forums or spaces. If some Kings fans want to talk about it I encourage them to come here and open the discussion in this thread. If it gets out of hand in any way I will shut it down immediately. If any Seattle fans want to taunt, be arrogant or just be jerks I will ban them. It is not the time or place.

I am trying to be visible and asking everybody to spread the message as much as possible that we should avoid intrusion into the Kings forums or conversations. Please spread that word.

There is no point in trying to convince them that this is right. There is no way to make "nice" conversation and I really understand that they will be insulted by outreach now.

Why is it so hard for us? Why do we have a need to process this by working with them, or reaching out? I don't know but I know that it is hard for me to avoid. I feel sucked into it even though I know it is the wrong thing to do.

I would guess that some of them feel the same way and that reasonable discussion is possible. My hope is that having this forum may allow us to get it out of our system with the ones who want the conversation without appearing to be trolling or taunting those who do not.

Difficult circumstances but I have huge respect for the fans of Sacramento. It is not their fault.