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Apparently Chris Hansen simply forgot to hire an attorney.

Had he hired an attorney there is a strong likelihood that he would have asked the Maloofs for a copy of their partnership instead of having George Maloof summarize it over a pint of Guinness.

The real travesty occured at an NBA level where nobody bothered to ask about the partnership agreement and instead they simply filled in the blanks of a standard team purchase agreement that had not been updated since 1986.

Seriously, I get that they are looking for hope.  I understand that right of first refusals do sometimes exist in contracts and that they are all relevant to greater or lesser degrees based on the strength of the language in that particular contract.  I find it a HUGE stretch to think that somehow there is a smoking gun in that contract that was just somehow overlooked and that every minority partner of the team simply can step up and say "I'm blocking this move."

It would have been a MAJOR oversight by a lot of people if somehow there is an unlimited and enforceable right of first refusal.   If there is some weak language along those lines then try to embarrass the NBA that way.   Just try it.  See how Harvey Benjamin welcomes you into the owners club after you make that move.