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Of all the obstacles we have heard I really think that the potential for this right of first refusal is the most credible.  I don't blame people for hanging their hats on it and I know damn well that we had found this when my team sold I would have been doing cartwheels.

The reason we have trouble taking it seriously here is that Chris has been so far ahead of the game since day one.  We all know his level of preparation and people simply don't believe that he could stumble with something so obvious as a clear term in the partnership contract.

Also he has lawyers.  Lots of them and good ones.

Also I will say that the path being considered, one in which these guys go toe to toe legally suing the NBA to try to block their right to sell a franchise while at the same time threatening the private business of a proposed owner is SUICIDE.

Be warned:  The legal might of the NBA is fierce.  They are nothing if not vengeful and they take the right to bestow team ownership on whoever they invite to their club very personally.

I have heard from day one that a big part of the reason there is hope in Sacramento is that the league is genuinely on their side.  The relationship has been strong and the two have been well aligned with their good intentions.  That will all change the moment the lawyers start telling David Stern what he can and cannot do.  When you threaten legal action against someone it instantly changes the relationship.

So go ahead.  Be the guy who tells the NBA they can't do what they want and then asks them to approve your ownership.  I have a good idea of what they would say:

"To match this offer please send your $30M non-refundable check and then have your lawyers contact our lawyers who will inform you of the ownership vetting process.  Be prepared for another $8 million in expenses relating to your ownership application which will be a little bit tricky due to the counter suit we intend to file.  Also please sign this contract stipulating that in the event of legal conflict with the league the loser may be asked to reimburse legal expenses along with damages to be determined."

Its the beginning of the end.  You can't ever take it back after you threaten to sue somebody.