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Boston Celtics vs. Miami Heat: Game Thread

The story of this game is obviously Ray Allen returning to Boston for the first time since going to the Miami Heat (28-12) in the offseason to chase a ring.

Ray isn’t the only former Sonic in this match-up, Rashard Lewis, his former running mate in green and gold is also now on the Heat.  Rashard also signed with Miami in the offseason in hopes of getting the first championship of his career.  He is also signed to a much more manageable contract now too.

Allen and Lewis were both stars in Seattle during the Sonics last playoff run in 2004-05.

Two other former Sonics are also playing in the game and will be coming off the bench for Boston.  “Uncle” Jeff Green and Chris Wilcox.

Oh and Jason Terry is also going to be playing in this game too!  Lot’s of local connections in this one!  It’s also kind of the reason we chose this game to follow.

Miami has been not very good on the road this year.  They are only 10-9 away from home this season.  Boston (20-23) isn’t much better at home or on the road.  They are in a team that’s on the verge of falling back into the pack and needing to think about life after Garnett and Pierce.

 Random baseless prediction:  Chris Andersen dunks on Jared Sullinger.

Overplayed match-up everyone will talk about:  James vs. Pierce.
Even if one of them is hurt the announcers will talk for half the game about the battles that James and Pierce have had with each over the years.  Not the one you should actually pay attention to.

Match-up to actually watch:  Dwayne Wade vs. Avery Bradley.
Miami does rely on Wade to succeed; contrary to popular belief that LeBron scores 102 points a game and is the whole team.  Miami kind of goes as Wade goes.  Wade’s scoring is down, but his shooting efficiency is up.  Avery Bradley is Boston’s best off the ball defender.  Bradley is physical and loves to keep his opponent off balance.  Bradley doesn’t have the offensive game that Wade does and won’t be able to outscore him unless he goes absolutely unconscious.  His job is going to keep Wade in check.

Prediction: Boston is not in a good place right now and I don’t think they’re going to be able to pick it up to match Miami in intensity or scoring.  Going to take Miami 104-87.

Everyone step off the roller coaster, let’s drop rumors, stop talking about press conferences and let’s talk about basketball.  We’ve beat a lot of points into the ground, time to start talking about games again.