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Larry Ellison, Monday, Tuesday, or never?

Larry Ellison could respond as soon as tomorrow to overtures made to him in regards to possibly participating in an outside offer to buy the Kings and keep the team in Sacramento.

Although Cook said he asked the attorney to make the inquiries about a week ago, the attorney told him on Wednesday that he still hadn't reached Ellison, who Forbes magazine says is the third-richest American.
"I know he is making that effort," Cook said of the attorney. "I would expect by Monday or Tuesday next week he probably will make contact with him."
Cook said he thought Ellison "would be a good possibility" to buy the 65 percent interest in the Kings that is held by the Maloof family, which has announced a deal to sell their share to a group that would move the team to Seattle.

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Larry Ellison, do you want to be part of a land development project in Sacramento, California, and be majority owner of the Kings?
It involves a public battle to attempt a hostile takeover of the Kings.