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Sac/KJ, via a private vetting must convince 8 owners to vote no.

Sac Bee says they have a source with inside knowledge of the the NBA's thinking.
"A source with inside knowledge of the NBA, who declined to speak for attribution because the NBA has called for a no-talking policy, said the league is clearly signaling it wants a proposal from Sacramento.

"Sacramento has a real fighting chance," the source said. The NBA "knows how the community has responded to the team. If a deep-pocketed group buys, if the Maloofs get the same amount of money, and an arena set up, it will be difficult for the board of governors to just dismiss that.""

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"Multiple interviews and a review of an internal NBA document suggest Sacramento will get a private vetting by the league long before Mayor Kevin Johnson makes his planned public pitch to NBA owners in New York in April."

I mostly think this is just cheer leading and tunnel vision, but never really thought about the fact mentioned that Sac proponents only need to convince 8 owners to vote against the Seattle deal, to breathe more life into their own wishful plans.

I propose a new soap opera "As the Aircraft Carrier Turns" :)