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Rudy Gay is Actually Being Dealt To Raptors

Let's talk about an NBA trade. Let's put the legal stuff on the back burner. Let's not worry about the $30M because if we all combine what's in our back accounts it won't even come close to that.

Let's have a little discussion on the first big move of the NBA Trade Season.

Rudy Gay who has been rumored to be staying in Memphis, to be leaving Memphis to be going to God-knows-where at any hour of any different day. He finally is being shipped off.

Memphis Receives:
Ed Davis from Toronto
Tayshaun Prince from Detroit
Austin Daye from Detroit
2014 Second Round pick from Toronto

Toronto Receives:
Rudy Gay

Detroit Receives:
Jose Calderon

Really love what Memphis was able to pull in. Memphis gets some very good players in return for Gay. They get deeper, clear cap room for after next year.

Think it's an overall solid move. Right now Davis is averaging 2o points and 13 rebounds per 48 minutes. Tayshaun Prince is still averaging just around his career averages in points, rebounds, assists and steals. Not a bad get overall.

What are you thoughts? Work has completely drained my will to live today otherwise I'd give a longer review and all the implications this means going forward for all three teams involved. Maybe I'll add an update later if I can rally.