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Thanks to Save Our Seahawks

If you have a special moment with your family or hug a stranger today please make sure to  take a moment to think about Mark Collins and all the rest of the gang at Save Our Seahawks who made it possible.  This town has a great tradition of fans who have worked hard.

I'm sending an e-mail to Nick Licata today to remind him that this is what we are fighting for.  Those rare days when everybody in the city is aligned around the same thing, when we share hopes and dreams with people that we otherwise have nothing in common with.

There is huge value in having the community united, even over something as small as sports.  It creates the promise and potential that we can be united about other things.  The commonality with our common men and women on the street brings us together in a way that can't be quantified and carries forward to help us care about each other more moving forward.

I've given the speech a thousand times. Today we get to live it.  GO SEAHAWKS!!!!