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Another day, more rumors

From the last thread.  Daina Falk, daughter of "super agent" David Falk reporting that a sale is a done deal.

All I can tell everybody is that in sports there is no such thing as a done deal until paperwork is submitted and an announcement made.  I don't know where things are.  I don't ask and I don't want to know.  I do know that even if Daina Falk heard something from a good source there is lots of room for it either to be untrue, based on speculation somewhere down the information chain or for it to fall apart.

We are all crossing our fingers for some great news.  We can all see how hard Chris has worked and the progress that is apparently being made.  Lets just hold tight and be excited.  Talk about it here all you want but try not to contribute to the mad spread of speculation.

Its likely to be a busy couple of months with rumors, maybe some real action sprinkled in.  Stay as level as you can.