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Oh Peter How We've Missed You

I've made no secret of my support for Mayor Mike McGinn's re-election but many people have taken note that I have not gone so far as to attack Ed Murray.  I have lots of good friends on his side and respect those relationships enough to know that Ed is not worthy of personal attacks.  If he's elected we will deal with him.

I do not however like the company Senator Murray has been keeping lately.

After taking max donations from the Seattle Mariners, Howard Lincoln, Peter Goldman and so many others today Senator Murray warmly welcomed the endorsement of Mr. Peter Steinbreuck.  For those of you who do not remember Peter lied to the public about his status as a paid Port of Seattle Consultant to oppose the arena, claiming to be simply a concerned citizen when records later showed he had already agreed to work for the aptly named POS.

The Seattle Times summarized his opposition to the arena during his uninspired run for Mayor, stating that  "He was the only candidate to oppose the Sodo location for a new NBA arena, siding with longshoreman's unions and the Port of Seattle, who argued it was a potential threat to maritime jobs."

Steinbrueck wants to turn the clock back in Seattle.  He clamors on about "smart growth" being possible but at the end of the day opposes  growth and progress wherever he sees it. His policy and preferences are for an older, simpler time when all these newfangled tech companies and their employees didn't crowd his quaint city.

Sonics fans sent a really strong message by activating against Steinbreuck in the mayors primary.  We demonstrated significant strength as a constituency that will carry on regardless of the outcome of the Mayors race (we can play a role but people understand that when you get into the general election the numbers are big and no single constituency can make or break a candidate.)

Some Sonics fans have fixated on Nick Licata (my friend) or Richard Conlin (whom I endorsed) as the big enemies in this process but make no mistake about it, neither of those guys ever lifted a finger to oppose the Sodo Arena Deal.  They generally disapproved, didn't care and cast symbolic votes that didn't matter.

Peter Steinbrueck and Peter Goldman were the guys who were active. They were the two who did everything they could do to undermine, derail, stall or otherwise muck up our project.

It is important to make sure that Peter Steinbrueck is a net negative to the Murray campaign.  He should pay a price for Steinbruecks endorsement that outweighs any benefit he gets.  By demonstrating that type of strength we show EITHER candidate for Mayor that they want to stay supportive of the Sonics Arena.

Monday was a happy 1 year anniversary to the MOU. It is hard to believe how time flies.

I am sorry for my absence here of late.  Lots of stuff going on and there are just some moments when I have to set it all aside and focus on work and family.  I'm sure you will all be getting an update on my activities one day soon.