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NBA to Allow Local TV Streaming?

The NBA decides to allow local streaming of their broadcasts. Does this indicate they are starting to work on a new TV deal?

Danny La-USA TODAY Sports

The according to an article at, which you can read by clicking here, the NBA is nearing a deal to allow local internet streaming of league games. Here is an excerpt.

The league is finalizing TV Everywhere deals with Fox Sports Media Group and NBC Sports Group, the country's two biggest owners of regional sports networks. Other RSNs, such as Root Sports, MSG, Time Warner Cable Sports, and Altitude Sports and Entertainment, are expected to offer live in-market streaming later this season.

The agreements break a six-year logjam that prevented viewers from watching their hometown teams on their computers or handsets locally. The frustrating negotiations also caused industry executives to question the viability of such a service, even as national TV channels were profiting from their own streaming services.

We've known for a while now that expansion won't even be considered by the NBA until after the new TV deal is negotiated. This isn't that deal, but does this indicate that the NBA is starting to work in that direction? We can only hope.