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Ed Murray's position on the SoDo arena: "Ed will make it a priority that it gets done."

Mayoral candidate Ed Murray wants you to know where his priorities are at.

SoDo arena
SoDo arena

Whenever you can get somebody on record in support of your issue, you do it.  In this case, mayoral candidate Ed Murray wants to make sure you know where he stands on the SoDo arena plan.

So, for the record, from Sandeep Kaushik, Murray’s campaign spokesman:

Ed supports the MOU that was negotiated by the Council and will work to uphold it as mayor. He wants to make sure we do what is necessary to return NBA basketball (and maybe add NHL hockey) to Seattle.

Ed has said multiple times -- including at the [Peter] Steinbrueck endorsement press conference -- that he supports the MOU and sees the arena as an opportunity. He has pledged to work to make sure that both the arena and the maritime and industrial jobs can coexist in SoDo. That is going to take focus and careful management from the next mayor, and Ed will make it a priority that it gets done.

I wouldn't expect Mike McGinn to say anything different.

What I will always keep in mind is that the Port of Seattle can't be trusted when it comes to anything, including anything in SoDo. Everything is an affront to an aspirational future that has yet to be supported with any kind if meaningful data and analysis by them.

I do expect freight mobility improvements, not because of the Port, but in spite of it.

I wish whoever is mayor the best of luck dealing with people that are apparently too stupid to realize that the only reason they are getting the level of attention they are getting is because of the arena.  Move the arena and you move the "traffic mitigation" spotlight, and the dollars will go elsewhere as well.