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11 More Days

Don't fret good people.

Mike Baker and I sit on different sides of the fence and we may get testy with each other occasionally but we are good friends.  There was a moment a couple of weeks ago where it really felt like the McGinn/Murray rift was going to tear apart the sports community (and our close buds in Nightlife and Music) but we have all talked and everybody gets the game.

We are each likely to fight really hard for our respective guys over the next 11 days but we're going to play fair and be respectful of each other.  On election night the parties are literally right across the street and I expect that before the night is through we will all join up, hug it out and immediately get back to the business of supporting each other and trying to make this town as special as it can be.

There are no David Sterns holding lifetime grudges or vendettas in our community.  In fact Mike Baker and I are already planning to write a joint piece extolling the virtues of County Executive Dow Constantine.  I'll tease the article by saying Dow is the big winner of this whole mess.  His steady leadership, inclusiveness and calm demeanor are truly unifying.  Those executive skills really stand out among the crowd right now and are the reason he continues to have such great support and success.

So with that being said I'm going to invite those of you who support Mayor McGinn to join me on Nov. 1 as we do what Sonics fans do best and throw a big party with Kevin Calabro, Shawn Kemp, Sonicsgate, Geo of the Blue Scholars, Hollis and other friends from the Music Community.

I offer the firm disclaimer that despite the title this event represents SOME PORTION of Sports and SOME PORTION of Music who are supporting Mike McGinn.  In no way do me and my guys pretend to represent Sports or Music as a whole.

I'm looking forward to this being over.