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My 2 Weeks Notice


I want to let you all know that following the election it is my intention to take a substantial step back from this site as well as the unofficial leadership role I have played in the Sonics movement for most of the last 7 years.

I'm always leery of people interpreting my actions as some signal about the chances of the Sonics return or my relationships with the others involved. I want to assure you that there is no change of circumstance other than the timing feels right for me personally. I have sacrificed a lot to make this project a primary focus of my life for a long time and right now I have a lot of really cool things going on (like family and business) that I am looking forward to prioritizing. Immediately following this election feels really appropriate.

The last time I stepped away I had the pleasure of watching the guys at Sonicsgate step in to fill the void, growing in a way that they probably could not have done if I had been there hogging the spotlight. This time I am certain that others (like the friends on this site) will step up in similar fashion. Additionally the clear break at that time really helped to successfully sunset Save Our Sonics in a way that was necessary for the emergence of ArenaSolution. I hope that this move offers me a similar chance to come back with a broader mission, less focused on the single goal of bringing the Sonics back or defined by support of my friend Chris Hansen.

While my role has always been informal and unofficial I certainly have felt a level of responsibility to all of the people involved.  It takes a lot of work to remain in position that I will not let people down if needed. By clearly stating my intention to move to the sideline for a while I hope to open the space for somebody else to step up and assume some of that responsibility.

My plan for this website is to shut down my writing to the point where if I want to write an article I will request it of the team as a guest appearance. I have total faith that the guys will continue to deliver great quality and for some period of time I will continue to stay in an advisory role, helping guide content and get them running the operations at a really high level. At some point I will either decide to come back to the game or fully transition ownership to Kevin Nesgoda who is doing a great job providing both leadership and content.

I love SB Nation and I love the interaction with all my friends here.  It would be really easy to just slow down my participation to a trickle and see what happens.  I think it is more honest to make a really clear and conscious step away for a while as part of a broader re-prioritization in my life. I make no promises that I will stay away for any specific length of time and expect that you will all see me being active with some other things really soon but for the time being I'm going to cut back on efforts to stay current on the issue as well as retaining all the Sonics-specific relationships needed to fill a leadership role in this fight, doing those things just take much more time and energy than most people realize.

I love the Sonics movement but it's time to set the green and gold aside for a while. Thanks to all of you for your support. I'm really looking forward to joining you in the audience for whatever comes next.