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I'm Hosting a Party TONIGHT

As a non-Seattle voter I cannot cast a vote for the Mayor of Seattle but I am doing my part to support my chosen candidate by being vocal in my support.  I encourage all of you to make a couple phone call or send a few personalized e-mail to friends who live in city limits encouraging them to vote.

We are very lucky that both candidates support our arena and also should be proud of being so vocal to date.  There is no doubt that the energy and passion of sports fans has caught the attention of campaign staffs and elected officials throughout the region.

That reputation can only increase if we make a good showing in the final few days of this election.  Whoever you are supporting just make sure that you are loud and vocal and people will continue to acknowledge us.

If we keep it up one day we will have our own Kevin Johnson.

For my part I am hosting a party tonight in support of Mayor Mike McGinn who I have personally chosen to endorse for Mayor.  Joining the mayor will be legends like Shawn Kemp, Kevin Calabro (KC does NOT get out often and I am stoked to see him), Slick Watts, Jason Reid and a bunch of others.  Live performances from Geo of the Blue Scholars, Kore Ionz and others.  It is a very rare occasion for so many of us to gather in one room and I would imagine we'll have a lot of interesting conversation squeeze into the evening.

It's the day after Halloween and I could certainly use your help in promoting this event. I'd love to see you come out and invite your friends.



Click HERE to see event details for Sports and Music for McGinn

PS:  Big Kudos to the staff here for all their efforts to follow the games and league action this year.  It's a totally noble goal and they are doing a great job with it.  Please support their efforts as much (or hopefully much more) than you do my political pushes.